We're a team within your team

Who we are

HappyOnline is a dynamic evolving web design & development company located in Athens.

As our name states, we ensure our client’s web presence online to be a happy one.

As designers, internet marketers and web developers, we consider ourselves a team of high-end visual builders and problem solvers. We see ourselves as storytellers who believe that each client has a unique story to present on the web, no matter the products or their services. We seek to present our client’s story on the Internet and make their presence a true reflection of their company’s values and goals.

Our Culture/Philosophy

Our cultural fundamentals are the outstanding quality of our work, the trust in our people and our client’s success and commitment to detail no matter the size of the project.

Those fundamentals are growing our company every year, as we break new barriers and offer a unique experience to our clients and high-quality services which foster a long term relationship built under mutual trust and success.

Our goals

Our goals are to be one of the leading web design and development companies in Greece that will have an impact on the industry by creating a sustainable business that can deliver long-term growth underpinned by strong foundations.

Our people

We are proud to go beyond the basics because we know that the engagement of our employees will drive our future success.

Thus we are committed to creating a workplace that is energetic, fun, and diverse, which inspires personal growth and is suited to people looking to an alternative environment to the old-school corporate constraints and conservatism and, more importantly, to help ourselves achieve our personal bests.

Our Clients

We strive to be our client’s preferred partner and create value together through our response to changing web services, client preferences, and retail trends. We are uniquely close to our customers. Our operating model is customer-centric and focused on the front line, and we aim to deliver the most reliable execution and cover a broad range of services in the marketplace.

Our client portfolio spans across multiple industries, purposes, and technologies.

From freelancers (doctors, lawyers, photographers, real estate agents ), start-ups (fashion, cosmetics, jewellery), well-established tourism and technology companies to social and political entities and organizations.